How to Choose the Right Respite Resort Stay for Your Loved One

clip_image00   2For those who have devoted their time and energy in caring for their loved ones, it is difficult to entrust complete strangers with the same responsibility. Even when you need to travel for a few days, you may be constantly worried about the well-being of your loved one. That’s why it is important that you carefully weigh your options when choosing a respite care facility for them. Doing so will give you the comfort of knowing that your loved one is being cared for by a reliable caregiver.

Tips on choosing the right respite care facility

Whether you are hiring independent respite providers or working with an agency, conducting a basic research can help you get most of the information you require. Follow the tips below to help you choose the best respite resort stay for your loved one:

  • If you are using independent providers, make sure you take each candidate through an in-depth interview. During each personal interview, give specifications about all the tasks and schedules involved. You should also discuss payment schedules and compensation.
  • Independent providers need to come with a number of reliable work and personal references, which you should review carefully. Make sure you verify all the information provided and check with their references about punctuality, reliability, and trustworthiness. Don’t forget to ask about the candidate’s ability to work under stressful situations.
  • If you decide to opt for an off-site respite resort stay, you should try to visit a minimum of three facilities. This gives you the chance to observe the facility and its surroundings as well as the staff and their interactions with care receivers.
  • During your visit, use your instincts to figure out whether or not your loved one will fit into the facility and the lifestyle within.
  • You need to ask a number of important questions to the management of the respite resort stay. Choose questions that can help you determine whether or not you should trust the facility to care for your loved one. For instance, ask questions that can help you find out how the care providers are screened by the management before they are allowed to work in the facility.

You should also ask about the kind of training received by the senior care providers, along with the level of experience they have. Make it a point to try and find out how the care providers are supervised and who supervises them. It is also important that you find out the kind of procedure carried out in the program in case of emergencies. There are several respite care facilities that have fixed visiting hours, so you should find out whether or not your other family members can come and visit whenever they wish to.

The best way to ensure that the facility of your choice meets all your requirements is to bring a checklist during your visit. This ensures that you do not miss out on any important details before deciding on a respite resort stay for your loved one.

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